What does our center offer?

Our center specializes in MRI scans. We offer both full body wellness MRI scans (cancer screening, preventive, etc.), as well as focused MRI scans for specific body parts (knee, shoulder, spine, etc.).

What is a Full Body Wellness MRI Scan?

Full body MRI wellness scans are used as a screening tool in healthy patients to identify abnormalities such as cancer. A preventive full body wellness scan is performed on a wide range of patients including those who are at high risk for developing a particular type of medical condition due to long standing habits (smoking, drinking, or a strong family history).

Although a full body MRI scan is useful for a wide range of patients, the following individuals are seen most commonly:

  • A strong family history of cancer or other medical diseases
  • Current and past smokers, or those who have been around smokers
  • Men and women over the age of 40
  • Patients with high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Internal symptoms that are concerning

Our MRI scan can help to identify asymptomatic or unrecognized life-threatening diseases early, while they are still small and are the most able to be treated. Our Full Body MRI scan uses NO RADIATION which differs from most full body scan that use CAT scan technology. CAT scans can deliver the same radiation as 500 basic chest x-rays.

Our MRI can detect lung disease, certain types of cancer, gallbladder and kidney stones, blood vessel aneurysms, degenerative changes of the spine, as well as other disorders long before symptoms occur. Our scans are done without radiation and noninvasive and fast. Our Board Certified Radiologist will review all of your images and provide a full report for your records.

The image above shows an example of the images obtained during a full body wellness scan.